The study of aging

How to reverse the aging process

How to reverse the aging process has become an extremely important research topic, and the anti-aging industry has seem incredible growth over the last decade. The newest science behind this is focusing on the speed of chromosome shortening and the effect of critical hormones.

It is well-known nowadays that certain lifestyle behaviors can influence the key hormones and genetic components that allow us to age nicely. The human body is comprised of 75 trillion cells, and the function and aging process of each of these cells dictates the function and aging process of the body.

Each cell contains a nucleus with two chromosomal arms that contain your DNA. Each chromosomal arm consists of about 100 million protein bases, and at the very top of each end of the chromosome is the telomere.

At conception, the average telomere is about 15,000 bases long. As we develop in the womb, the process of cellular division begins. The telomeres begin to shorten as the cells divide.

During the nine-month gestation period we lose about 5,000 bases, so we are already down to just 10,000 bases by the time we are born. According to a new theory on aging, your telomere length will actually dictate your aging process, as well as your eventual death. Once your telomeres drop to about 5,000 bases, your DNA can no longer support life.

If we take normal cellular division, the human lifespan should be roughly 120 years. On the other hand, if the cell divides at an abnormally high level the telomere shortening process accelerates, prompting us to age faster.

There are several factors that play a significant role in the cell division and telomere shortening. This process is roughly 30 percent related to the genetic foundation we have inherited, while 70 percent is based upon our lifestyle changes.

Certain lifestyle factors increase free radicals, thus accelerating the aging process. Free radicals caused by oxidative stress, for instance, shave off bases of the telomeres. This chemical reaction speeds up the telomere shortening process.

Unfortunately, the modern world has brought along a whopping amount of lifestyle toxins that create massive amounts of oxidative stress throughout our system. In addition, we are also highly deficient in using resources and strategies that increase our antioxidant defenses that fight off free radicals.

Insulin and human growth hormone are two key hormones associated with the aging process. Elevated insulin levels increase cellular division and telomere shortening, and according to researchers about 80 percent of the US population has some level of insulin resistance.

When the cells are resistant to insulin, our pancreas has to secrete more of this hormone in order to lower blood sugar. This, in turn, creates chronically elevated insulin, accelerated cellular division and telomere shortening.

Growth hormone (HGH) enhances the cellular repair processes that allow healthy aging. HGH regulates the metabolism to burn fat, build muscle and slow down the negative effects of stress.

In addition, HGH also enhances collagen production and repair, which is very important for creating softer skin, reducing wrinkles and enhancing one’s complexion. This also strengthens and supports our joints as we age. HGH levels decline with age for most people, but certain lifestyle modifications can help maximize HGH secretion throughout life.

How to Reverse the Aging Process – Tips and Tricks

Unfortunately, we cannot actually reverse the aging process, but we can trick it into slowing down the aging process. An essential aspect of natural aging is the way the body breaks down with age.

The biggest contributing factor of this breakdown is the lack of necessary proteins to be used by the body. Human growth hormones are a perfect example to illustrate this. When GH starts to see a reduction in production, cells cease to reproduce and the rest is history.

For starters, in order to reverse the aging process you should start eating natural anti aging foods, make up a balanced diet and consume lots of foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, red wines, dark chocolates, berries and so on. They all contribute to a better hormone production.

In addition to a healthy diet, your mental wellness plays a very important part as well. Excess stress can be extremely harmful to your body, so do your best to relax as much as possible. Laughter and optimism can be powerful allies in this battle, as you need to keep your stress level low enough so that your body does not suffer any more damage from stress and is able to repair itself naturally.

Also, exercise is very important, and how to reverse the aging process better than with plenty of physical activity and a healthy, dynamic lifestyle. Watch your weight if you want to enjoy healthy aging, because being excessively fat wrecks havoc within your body.

The aging process comes naturally, and as much as we’d like to there is just no way you can escape it. It forgives no one, and we are all bound to age. How we age, however, is a whole different story. There may not be a definite, clear, step-by-step solution on how to reverse the aging process, but we can lead a healthy lifestyle and help us with healthy aging supplements to minimize the negative effects of aging and enjoying a healthy retirement.